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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
So far, this issue seems to have been limited to a small amount of SSs, so chances are your car will be fine. In the event it's not -- that's what a warranty is for. There's no benefit to babying the car out of fear the tranny will break.
I'm fairly certain that there's more than just "a small amount" that are affected. The fact of the matter is that noone knows yet how small or large the affected number is. If GM knew that it was a limited issue that they've already fixed, they wouldn't be halting production and holding cars in QC. I am confident that we will know MUCH more very soon.

GM was off last week. Now that they're all back on the job, they are studying the issue closely and doing a full triage of the situation. Being that my car was built after the ones who have failed (mid 16000s) but still shipped before they decided to put a hold, I am particularly concerned. I hadn't planned on doing any hard launches anytime soon so it's not a big deal right now but hopefully they understand the full picture soon. I will definitely be going a bit easier on it until we know more. There would be nothing more embarrassing than sitting by the side of the road in a brand new, bright orange Camaro waiting for a tow truck. I would MUCH rather drive it to the dealership to have the transmission replaced on my schedule! IF that's what needs to happen. But like I said, noone knows yet and I'm confident that once GM knows, they'll pass it on to us. That's all we can ask for!
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