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I bought a Kingston 64GB off Amazon for $35, it worked great until I took it it to work to folder all of my music but in the process we had a commercial power failure at work & the PC I was using was not on a UPS so needless to say it wiped out this thumb drive. I sent it back to Amazon for a full refund & used that money to get a Sandisk 64GB @ Walmart for the same price & was able to get 9422 songs on it so far without any problems of it not being recognized by the audio system in my Camaro.

I tried two other drives one of which was another Sandisk 64GB but it's not being recognized whereas the Adata 32 GB does get recognized. The 32 GB will be my next source of music when I run out of room on the first Sandisk.

Btw, I downloaded a free program on the internet that converts just about any music format(YouTube, CD-cda, etc) to MP3 format then I burn the MP3's to the flash drive.

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