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Don't do that

Originally Posted by mondain View Post
The tranny is a Tremec TR6060, a derivative of the T56......There should be NO reason we cant rev to 6000 RPM and dump the clutch. You dont think any owners of those other cars do that? The tranny isnt the problem, it has to be something specific with a certain batch.
As tempting as it is to drive like that, choose wisely whether you want your car in the shop, or having zero flaws and parked in your driveway....

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
A couple of thoughts --

WHAT I RECOMMEND: (....from a PERSONAL viewpoint......)
DO NOT do 6,000 RPMS and then DUMP the clutch.
That's a foolish thing to do....regardless of what you are driving.
I'm not saying you have to 'baby' the car -- but don't go out and 'flog hell outta it!"

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