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Originally Posted by Q'smuscle View Post
oh okay, just checking because you said that you didn't like the 2010 dash but yea the square gauge pods is what I love about the interior unique and Retro. but yea I understand that it's. not your thing. I myself like the 2010-2011 better because of the more Retro steering wheel and speedometer numbers. the cts-v is killer too in looks and in power .and I would think the cts-v weights way less than the zl1. So , you beating that is believable . But I love the cts-v too . I would need both
Actually I think the CTS V and the ZL1 are about the same weight, with the CTS V slightly heavier....but the GT500 was about 300 lbs lighter than the V and it had 106 horsepower more (662 vs 556) so I was quite shocked at the outcome...although my driving had a little to do with it the winning margin. I have seen pure stock GT500's put down in the area of 600 rwhp and 600 ftlbs , where my CTS V made 458 rwhp pure stock @ 6,200 rpm (factory rev limit for the stock LSA). After tuning I made 493 rwhp @ 6,550 rpm ( 485 @ 6,200) and then we added the AIRAID CAI and the V made 515.6 @ 6,550. The GM crate engine specs for the LSA suggest a 6,600 rev limit , and by raising the rev limit in my Coupe it made all the difference in the world (my limiter is set at 6,800) and I shift @ 6,600 rpm, full power shifts (Love the no-lift-shift feature). Before I was hitting the rev limiter so fast and killing the performance, now the car just pulls like gang surprises people.
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