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It happens

Originally Posted by Bungo View Post
Umm ok, how about the new GTR when Launch Control is used it can seriously damage the vehicle when done too many times and Nissan is refusing the warranties!

or how about when the VW New Beetle was released in 1998 ALL OF THEM WERE RECALLED due to the fuse box on top of the battery possibly catching fire.

I had a 2000 Toyota Celica and the Spoiler bolts had the same problem

New 2009 VW Jetta's have a recall due to the driveshaft bolts backing out of the transmission.

I could go on and on with vehicle issues that have nothing to do with GM but I thnk you get the idea.

You are a systems engineer, good for you. I'm sure you took extensive classes in that field. IT IS NOT THE AUTOMOTIVE FIELD. It may be similar but it is not the same.

I give GM alot of credit for not allowing these cars to leave the plant due to a potential issue.

I'm sure GM is fully aware they are under a microscope which is probably why they are not allowing these cars to leave the factory and they are trying to resolve the problem in-house before they have to release an extensive recall.

I am waiting for a 2SS/RS/LS3 So my wait just got longer. I would much rather wait than have a broken car sitting on a lift in my GM dealership waiting for a part while I am still making payments on the car.
When the new Toyota Tundra came out they were snapping cam shafts like they were toothpicks.
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