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I used to owe a Genesis 3.8 Coupe, which before looking into the camaro 1LE, I thought had to be significantly lighter and thus have a performance advantage. I even had the Track model. weighed in at 36xx i wanna say. But it was stock, 2012, so 306hp. Given the difference in weight and HP, the 1LE shits all over the Gen in straight line and corners. For everyone saying their 1LE weighs too much, my lighter, "more nimble" asian vehicle never pulled a G on the skidpad, ever. It under steered more, the power steering was not very helpful(very heavy steering wheel movement), and even the turning radius cant compare to the 1LE. If anything, going from a Gen coupe to a 1LE, There is wayyy less understeer, engine power and response are no comparison either. Sometimes I feel like Im driving a car lighter than my Gen was. As much as everyone complains about the quality of GM parts, the Gen coupe won so many different accolades and still can't come close to to the 1LE, even ruling out power and just accounting for the handling department.

In particular, the traction control made the car almost annoying to drive around town. Anytime I needed to step on it, the TC literally would cut power momentarily. IMHO, this is a safety concern, bc you never know when you NEED wheel spin or to whip the tail end around. One last bit, for everyone who thinks hyundai parts and vehicles are made with quality, my gen coupe had a laundry list of issues from a brand new car. Oil leak after oil leak yielded these repairs: Replaced both head gaskets, the entire head, the throttle body control system, the steering angle sensor, TC light would stay on(they said it was related to Steering angle sensor), the heater had issues... Total POS. Havent had a single issue with my 1LE, and couldn't be happier. Alot of the weight on a camaro has to do with the frame of the car though, gets 5 stars in all 4 categories, front, back, side, and rollover.
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