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Originally Posted by Moose View Post

Very quickly, having just reviewed this thread quickly, I feel it allows me to see the issue pretty clearly, without getting into debating/responding to alot of the posts here.

*GM/Chevrolet should be commended for addressing the issue immediately, and NOT choosing to ingore it, therefore allowing them to identify and correct this issue asap.*

*Bashing GM/Chevrolet serves NO purpose. EVERY manufacturer has issue's. It's how they're handled which makes the difference. IMO, GM/Chevrolet is going above and beyond to rectify the problem.*

While I understand and appreciate everyone's opinions/thoughts/passion when it comes to Camaro, let's be open minded and look at the BIG picture - GM/Chevrolet has given "us" an awesome car. Let's appreciate that while realizing we're all human.

GM/Chevrolet has shown "us" the respect by bringing this "to light". Let's show the same respect by understanding.

Good summary.

All manufacturers have problems at one time or another, and new products typically have more problems than older ones. In most cases, how the manufacturer handles those problems is much more important than the problems themselves. An honest evaluation of the problem and the solution, then following through on the solution -- not ignoring it, in other words -- is the right way to go.

GM is still evaluating the problem (I think). So far they still seem to be on the right track, and I'm satisfied the problem will be addressed. My car is in QC and is likely one of the Problem Children. I just ask that she be treated gently.

Scott, the mods here, participating GM employees, and the other helpful members of camaro5 deserve a round of applause for helping the rest of us.
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