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Originally Posted by RJT-Maro View Post
Alright everybody I just got a call from my dealer!!!

What he told me came from a GM employee who called the plant in Oshawa

and he said the only problem is with the short throw shifter!!!

Nothing is wrong with the regular Manual shifter!!!

So I hope Mods read this!!

He wasnt lying it came straight from the plant!!!!!

So there is no problem with the M6!!

The only constraint there is, is on the Short Throw Shifter!!

RJT, you are referring to an OLD issue. the Hurst short throw shifter has been on constraints for a long while and you can't even order them anymore.

The new issue is with the transmission's output shaft breaking off. The shifter is not the same as the output shaft. The shiftter is at the top of the tranny, you shift gears with it. The output shaft transfers the power to the driveshaft>diffrential>axles>wheels. When the shaft breaks, your engine still runs, your tranny still shifts, but the car ain't moving!

Have you not read GM's official statement in the HomePage?
Just because someone at the plant says something, it doesn't mean it is EVERYTHING he knows.
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