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Maggie = Weeping rear seal.

Too much crankcase pressure. Getting oil spots on my floor after I walk on it during a cruise.

I took the pvc hose off at the blower snout and tried to suck on it. Could barely pull anything. No way that could keep up to crank case pressure under boost.

I took the barb out of the rear drivers valve cover (LS3) and drilled it out to 5/16".

I also removed the check valve from my RX catch can. I just sawed the bottom 1/8" off the fitting where the lip is that holds the check ball in. The valve falls out and then you have to pull the spring out with needle nose pliers.

Now I'm getting some flow through there and no more oil spots on my floor. And it runs perfectly as there is no extra unmetered air (like running a breather) going through. I highly recommend this mod.
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