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Kenne Bell Supercharger in my 2013 ZL1

Before I even bought my ZL1, I knew I would be upgrading the 1.9 stock supercharger to a 2.8 or 3.6 Kenne Bell. Unfortunately they didn’t have a kit ready for it yet. Fortunately for me, they needed a donor car!
In November 2012, I dropped off my brand new ZL1 automatic with only 2200 miles on the clock at Kenne Bell so they could develop their new supercharger kit. They told me it is the same basic kit they use on all the SS/L99 cars.
Picked it up in January which was a quick turnaround! They said the only thing was the auto trans really consumes a lot of horsepower. They were able to come up with a loss of about 20% when comparing my rear wheel horsepower to the rated horsepower. 465 rwhp / 580 rated engine hp = .80 so their numbers reflect the 20%. The final number for “91 octane” (highest octane you can get at the pump in Cal.) was 565 rwhp / 706 engine hp! The difference is incredible!
I’ve put over 1800 miles on the car with the new supercharger installed and it runs like factory. I’ve put some hard miles on it too and no drivability issues at all. The tune is spot on even with the bigger injectors I had them install in case I really wanted to run the boost up. It has the polished 4-1/2” cold air Mammoth inlet system. They even tested the stock airbox compared to the early SS models. It flowed about 22% more but they said you would never want to run anything less than their 4-1/2” system. In fact my car exhibits none of the issues I’ve read about on this forum. It starts and drives flawlessly. Never had a single issue with the trans shifting or anything else so far.
I took my car to the drag strip to test a tune using Shell URT116 racing fuel with their 3” pulley and race tune. I have drag radials on it as well. With that combination, my car made 653 rwhp (187 rwhp gain)! Got the car to do a 11.50 pass “so far” .Trap speed 123 --60 ft 1.695 - boost 16 . Spun the tires a bit but we are going next weekend to the track hopefully get it to hook and bring that 60 ft number down and see how much more I can get out of it. It does have DR on it.
Last thing- check out the article on my ZL1 in Super Chevy Magaine (September issue) out now-- page 72.
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