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Optimum Car Wax Review - Just Half A Test Episode 7

This video series is all about testing the beading and sheeting properties of different LSPs and bringing the results to you.

Video in link, hope you enjoy!!

I made a ranking of the LSPs I tested in chronological order:

1) Wolfgang Fuzion:_______________Beading 8 Sheeting 4

2) Blackfire BlackICE:______________Beading 8.5 Sheeting 9.5

3) Adam's Americana:______________Beading 8.5 Sheeting 8.5

4) Bouncer's Capture The Rapture:___Beading 9.5 Sheeting 9

5) Poorboy's Natty Paste Wax Blue:__Beading 4 Sheeting 6.5

6) Blackfire Midnight Sun Wax:______Beading 8 Sheeting 8

7) Optimum Car Wax:______________Beading 5.5 Sheeting 7

Please check out my youtube detailing channel:

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