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Nice find brt3, thanks for posting!

Not much new, basically a marketing amuse-bouche, but interesting nonetheless. Said he wanted to be in the conversations of Porsche GT3 owners, that sure as hell happened

He did allude to trying to get a "race" series together which I found a bit of a shock. Got to marinade and prepare some crow on that point because I am on the record here as specifically saying this would not be a "race" car. It is not a done deal so no need to cook and eat it just yet.

My overall thought is he played it close to the vest and stuck with all the talking points of the past. No harm in that and you can't produce any surprises if you spill the beans early eh?

I would expect a couple more of these over the next five months to keep the juices flowing before the real info comes out in Dec/Jan/Feb.
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