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Originally Posted by ZL1-V View Post
I agree that one has to "push their car" especially "on a road course" to understand the limits of it. Most of never will attain that level. The increase in roll stiffness comes from lower and stiffer springs and sway bars. I ran my 1996 Saleen Mustang Cobra with Griggs suspension with and without the cross brace bar and I'll leave it at that. That car was run on the track and in the Angeles National Forest here in So Cal. The Gen5 cars of today are much stiffer constructed vehicles than the older cars. It doesn't matter if it's an aftermarket or factory cross brace. They both are designed the same and fit in the factory mounts. It appears as if you're trying to use the "wording" to benefit your theory. Just to clarify you are stating for a fact that "Pete" from Pedders who deals with this stuff daily and has lap times to prove it is lying? I'm sure he'll love to hear that?
I don't know "Pete" from Peddlers at all and I have no idea what he said. If he said a strut tower brace "does not do anything" I guess I will say he is lying. I know it makes a car chassis stiffer by closing the top half of what would be a "u" shaped structure. I know cars continue to get stiffer and stiffer chassis. That is part of the reason why a lightweight Camaro still weighs 4000+ pounds. But adding that strut brace stiffens the structure just like adding a roof over the convertible. Does Pete say the roof does not do anything? I'm really not trying to get in a fight here. I have driven many cars with various levels of chassis stability and that brace is going to stiffen up the car under heavy corning loads. If you are good you can drive a convertible fast on the track but a good driver almost always laps faster with the hardtop than the vert because the chassis is stiffer. That generally makes the car more predictable and easier to drive fast at the performance edge. That is what that brace does. If a machine can't measure it then I say you need a better machine because you can feel it. I will not be taking my brace off.
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