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I need to win the Lotto
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I actually live in Ely. In fact, I think I have pictures of your car. Nice looking 1LE, one of the few LE's that I've actually seen. The next Silver State isn't until September, so you've got some time, right?

You should get into the 1/2 mile and 1 mile shootout the days before the race. That would be cool. In May there was a maroon red Lambo that we clocked at 197 in the mile. Crazy fast! We could actually feel the speed as he passed. My friend's dad runs the tow truck for the drag race (thankfully he hasn't had to use it in quite some time), so we go out with him and get a pretty good spot along the fence about 3/4ths down the track and set-up a radar.

Best of luck in the race, see you in September.
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