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Amazed by Lethal Racing plus 819rwhp!!

First off, I have never met a group of guys like Shawn, Nick, and Mike!!
They are the most down to earth good ole boys u can find, they know Ls's and camaro/vette's inside and out. They're real-world experience blew me away.
Me and my brother made a 9 hour drive to get a dyno tune from Lethal Racing.
Best 18 hours of driving we've ever done!

Car on the last dyno (who i plan on never using again) put down 480 with ECS kit amd full exhaust, on a mustang dyno.
We added a cam and Alky Control dual nozzle to it and Shawn got 660rwhp.
I was ecstatic!! But Shawn and the guys weren't done. Shawn looked at me and said "it should be making more power" I was confused.

Shawn had Nick pull a spark plug and check the gap. It was gapped to big and the boost was blowig out the spark according to him! How many people would have even known this?!!

Nick gapped me some brand new plugs, replaced them right there on the dyno!!
Very next pull, with only changing spark plugs, it dynoed 786rwhp!!!!!
126hp gain with spark plugs!!!
With a couple more adjustments Shawn made a final pull at


Shawn still wasn't done.. Got it off the dyno and did more street driving to work out the tune 100%!!!

Car idles, and runs amazing at every rpm!!

Mike even made me a custom bracket for my trunk meth tank for free for coming down there!! Plus he may have felt a little sorry for me and my rachet strap!! Haha


Ps the crawfish étouffée was awesome!!

Look forward to dealing with these guys for years to come!!
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