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So my car stall @ ~ 400rpms... I like to take off at 5-600... usually by just easing off the clutch, then once it starts to bite, easing on the gas. There arent very many hills in houston that this doesnt work on... except when hsa comes on and cause that sweet spot to drop me to 40-> still. Ive been suck8ng it up because its mostly flat and a rarely encounter it. Except now it has been activating on flat ground. Plan on taking my car to the dealership for warranty, any ideas if I can get them to put the auto yaw sensor in instead?

Also to those that xonstantly have people getting to close to them, just sit there. Make them back up before you go. When I was first learning to drive stick I sat through 3 green lights at richmond and hwy 6 because some guy got on my ass and I wasnt proficient at hill starts yet. plus it was my moms car. After the third he backed up and got into the other lane, next time the light changed, I proceeded on my way. The look of anger was priceless. I think he started to follow me, but since I wasnt near my destination he soon gave up. Since then ive gotten beeter and can usually start on a hill without any backwards motion so people on my ass doesnt bother me as much. Also when I see soneone coming up beh8nd me I generally let the car roll slightly to let them know whats up. According to defensive driving, you should be able to see the tires of the person in front of you contact the ground. So in texas, even if you admit to rolling back into them, if theybwere too close it is still considered their fault.
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