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Dealer Installed Stripe Alignment Issues

Has anybody who got dealer installed stripes have any alignment problems? My stripes don't match/align with the hood's rear edge on the sides of the "Power Bulge". You can see in the pic that each stripe needs to be moved approximately 1/2" outboard.

It appears that if the instructions are followed by placing the inboard edges of blue premask carrier (the part that is peeled away after the vinyl is installed) against one another, then this places the stripes too close together. (See instructions pic)

You can also see how the hood stripes in the instructions appear to closer together compared to the trunk stripes. My stripes are 2 5/16" apart on the hood and 2 7/8" on the trunk.

I want to show my dealer if there are any other owners that have had this problem. Please share any experiences you may have had with this issue. Pictures would be great too!

Thanks for your help.
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