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First, love that vette! Second, I had also given thought to leasing....not on the 5th Gen, but actually on the G8 GT. You 02 SS is wonderful, but I'm so ready for a change. I've been driving 4th Gens for 8 years now. I love'em to death, but I'm just soooo ready for a change.

I'd given thought to selling the SS, paying off the wifes car, leasing an 08 G8 GT, and then getting rid of it when the Camaro comes around. The only problem is that I'm not gaining any equity in anything I'm making payments on. Sure, I'm paying off the wifes car quicker which is actually going to save me a lot in interest over the 3 years of payments I have left. But, I won't have anything extra to put down. Hmmmm....I just don't know.....
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