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Originally Posted by camaro4mybday View Post
is this going to be a judging of how clean the car is or actually judges on the looks of the car. not saying the car can be a filth box but many of us drive many hours to get to the show and its near impossible to get the car white glove clean
Doug's answer was a good one.

Everyone will be driving many hours to get there. This is one of the reasons we shifted the show from Friday to will give people time all of Friday and Saturday morning to clean off their cars.

For what it's worth....I drove in on Thursday last year....and when I got there, I had a bottle of waterless wash...1/8 of the bottle later, and about an hour in the parking lot, the car was near spotless.

Originally Posted by Oramac-SS11 View Post
I hope the car show judges will be checking out the Camaro's on Friday night as well, so some of us with light mods get an even chance. Mine don't show up very well during the day, but at late evening and after dark they are very cool. I know there are many other Camaro guys with them as well and we should get the opportunity to show our stuff! Just saying, something to consider. See ya there!!
I'm sure those who are judging will be looking....but I very much doubt they'll remember who's who.....and to keep things as fair as possible, official judging will only occur between 11 and 1 on Saturday.
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