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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I particularly liked the part where Al is talking about the Z/28 in racing and says "My hope is that we'll get a series created where this car can compete..."

I had a feeling there was something in the works with the big 3; they aren't spending all this development money creating these kinds of cars just for HPDE weekend events.
Exactly! Right now the tires and brakes fall outside guidelines if I am not mistaken. Lots to spend on a car that won't pass inspection for most sanctioned races. If they can get the organizations to redefine quidelines, then we'll see. But til then you are looking at a 7.0 litre motor that also is outside guidelines. Super car..... like you say for the HPDE fellas! Just not sure I'd want to get a car I intended to race that fell outside so many specs.

Hope you can get 1 of the few hundred.
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