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Originally Posted by jahnny View Post
What's the difference in the '12 dash? Is HUD an oem option avail now? This kit is the same one that GM offers?
The 2012 dash has a different center duct and the insert.
HUD was an OEM option added on the 2LT and 2SS in 2011.
The kit shown is GM parts. It is plug and play you just have to get far into the dash to remove the main duct to be able to install it properly.

Originally Posted by jahnny View Post
Also, final pics of the install and what it looks like? And, my GTP has a special windshield for reflecting the display, what's the case of adding it w/o the special windshield for the Camaro? I know that I had a friend who didn't want to pay the extra $1K back in the day on his GTP & the special windshield, and all the info was not as bright n was blurry compared to the correct one.
It is still quite visible only smaller print like when changing songs on the radio is blurred. The main speed tachometer etc are fine.
Originally Posted by SS_Diaz View Post
Hey jahnny im trying to find the thread of what the final install looks like, so i'll post it on here as soon as i find it. For the camaro i know there is a different winshield also for the HUD just like the GTP. Most people didnt seitch out thier windshield because they said the difference was very minimal. I know there are pictures on this site of how it looks without the special windshield im just having a hard time finding them but i will keep searching. Also yes this is the same kit that GM offers. All GM parts except the harness which was made by "ofer". His website is
You guys didn't follow my car in my sig.

So here you go.

The 2010 Dash, and after removing the steering wheel.

Components in the trunk before pulling the dash

my 2010 dash removed from the car.

How it all looks under the dash!

The 2012 Dash without insert.

HUD installed and ambient light installed in 2012 dash

Another of the 2012 dash

Passenger airbag and center duct of 2010 dash. This was a pain to remove the airbag.

2012 Dash and ZL1 suede insert installed. Needed a new center duct.

PIC of HUD on windshield in the garage.

All done!

Passenger side all done.
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