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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Great question for Joe. Personally, I don't see why not. But then again, maybe he's got some reasons as to why they might not be?? I'll get Joe on it.

I would say yes. Again, a question for Joe.

But after judging cars myself, I will tell you this... When you see 20, I mean SHINING cars and then you come across the guy who didn't bother to clean his wheels, wipe down the windows, vacuum the carpet, go over the car with some detail spray, let me tell you....when one judges, they look at everything. The car next to you is spotless. They wiped down everything. Then yours (not necessarily yours) has the dirty wheels or one of the other things mentioned above, one is obviously going to get more points over the other.

I saw one of the most gorgeous Caddies at one of our all classes shows here in SA. Car was I think 4 years old. Low miles, great paint. Dude didn't bother to wipe anything down when he got there. I was floored.... You enter your car in a CAR SHOW and you didn't bother to wipe down and detail spray your paint?? Your wheels? All I could think of was, "what were you thinking??" And it WAS a great looking car. But the fact was he was entering it in a car show and didn't bother to clean it.

One main point. Everyone is going to have to drive TO the show. It's going to get some dust on it. And yes, EVERYONE'S cars will have dust here and there. If ALL of them aren't wiped down, then if I was judging, I'd judge them all the same. But if 90% were immaculate clean, they'd get better scores than the guys who came in and parked them. And again, that's me. WE, the mods aren't judging. But if the guys who are are anything like us at our shows, yes...they will need to be wiped down.
i mean of course it will be clean as possible after driving 900 miles from home. im just honestly sick of these white glove car shows i daily drive my car yes it might have a slight imperfection or 2 but to have a car that doesnt look nearly as good as mine win over me because the owner keeps his car in the garage 24/7 and only drives with its sunny and 80 is just annoying lol
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