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Originally Posted by fsusmithc2 View Post
The judge won't know who's a DD and who is a garage queen (and even if they did, it won't matter to an unbiased judge) so yeah, it stands a good chance of happening, unfortunately. Two of the exact same car, same mods and all, if one has a rock chip or two because it's enjoyed and the other doesn't because it sits in the garage, chippy isn't going to win. My advice: get Dr. ColorChip now and use it liberally and get ready to bring all of your products with you and do a full correction once you arrive.

My only concern is that there are only winners and no 2nd, 3rd place trophies. Kinda rules out Mr. Average Joe with a clean car and basic mods when Mr. Deep Pockets comes in with his rolling work of art (brought in on a trailer from out of his garage no less).
This. But, I guess there's really no way to create a completely level/fair playing field for shows like this. I admit it's mostly jealousy talking but it is a little frustrating to realize that there are more than a few peeps on here with pretty much unlimited budgets to whom spending, say, $12,000 for the install of a chromed supercharger or whatnot is virtually a minor expense.
That's why I'm trying my best to be realistic and am not expecting to win anything but rather I am really looking forward to just taking part and getting to see a crap load of amazing Gen5's, which, where I live, are pretty rare (modded ones, anyway).
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