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This is a good thread. A similar thing happened on our RS except the curb really scraped up the face of one spline on the rim. My wife was heartbroken. I immediately ordered a remanufactured rim, that I am marginally impressed with. The inside of the rim was polished so it doesn't match the other three as well. I contacted one of my customers that deals in abrasives and he sent me a pack of 4 different grades of abrasive wheels to use on my angle grinder. After 45 minutes of delicate and nervouse application, I am amazed that the scratches and gouging is gone! Now I have a a spare 20" rim waiting for a tire. I wish I would have read your thread a year ago. If anyone would like pics, send me a message. I can always check the abrasive grades at home and post them if it would help someone. the Abrasives were from Suhner.
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