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This is late but Holiday Chevrolet in Williamsburg, Va is the best from sales to service. My camaro was my fifth vehicle from them. I purchase through a corporate pricing schedule so the dealership makes about $150 but that doesn't hinder their customer service. They absolutely go above and beyond, especially in the service department.Had a leather seat panel with a bubble starting to form, instead of having a local shop replace the bad panel like other service departments, they changed the complete seat leather, Back and bottom, so they would "match". Granted the vehicle was only two months old and the back would have probably matched anyway, they did both!!!!

Now as for Hall Chevrolet, in 2010 I saw a Camaro 1 SS non-RS manual, with trunk net and heritage grille at one of my vendor customer appreciation days with a base price of $40,175 and their added sticker of the following; window etching $289, GM Accessories $7980, Nitrogen $249, Pin Stripe $99. For a grand total of $48,792. I tried to get the salesmen there to even talk about the car but they were to busy telling each other about what they were going to do the upcoming weekend.

Attached is the window dealer sticker, I had to get a pic as no one would believe me....
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