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Originally Posted by SUKXOST View Post
Just me or does $1K for 4 bushings and a sway bar seem, ridiculous? Tough to spend that kind of money to "upgrade" the 1LE that is already well known to have an EPIC set up.
It's actually 6 bushes. I would agree that 1k is a bit much for bushes and a sway bar, but it is worth it. I know the 1LE has an epic setup from the factory, but those bushings help a lot. When I first drove my 1LE, I thought it was like a go kart with the amazing steering feel and responsiveness (switching from a stock 06 Mustang GT = HUGE difference). I didn't think it could get a whole lot better... until I added those bushes. The radius bushes were the biggest difference. There is no play in the steering whatsoever. Turn the wheel and the car immediately turns. Brakes feel more direct. The subframe bushes helped with stability during corner exit and just having the rear more planted and solid. The 32mm sway bar makes the car more bias to oversteer rather than understeer if you throw it into a corner really hard. Understeer = "TURN DAMN IT!" Oversteer = MORE FUN lol It all depends on how you like your car to drive...
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