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Originally Posted by BullF-16 View Post
Will the turbos on the AGP support up to 1200 rwhp on a big breathing LSX427. See sig line. I was looking at PTE6766 journal bearing units. How do the turbos in the AGP kit compare. No sales pitch please, no BS, just the facts. Looking for 1000rwhp initially at 18psi then up to 1200rwhp with obivously higher boost. Lag time on the PTE6766 should not be an issue with my motor. I am new to the turbo world and am trying to learn before i pull the trigger so to speak (if that offends some.....well you know what you can do)

The standard turbos in the AGP kit will not support that level of power. $800 upgrade to get the S261's would. You should contact AGP directly to talk about it. AGP could make PTE turbos fit or whatever you really want. Soooooo many choices in turbos.
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