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See our latest AGP build thread... New 376ci forged motor so we didnt tax on it, 8.8:1 compression made 700+ (12.2psi upstairs) at 6100rpms through an automatic with 17* timing & 10.9:1 AFR. We'll be bringing it back in soon, but the fuel system is limited so we can see mid 700's at 13-15psi. If we had the fuel system I dont see any reason why these "small" turbos won't push 800rwhp through a 6L80E, and that's over 900rwhp in the manual's.. Now add another 5psi and see what else can be done

We are using the S256 turbos on our shop car build, 417ci. Should be seeing 25psi and I don't doubt we'll make 850+ rwhp through a TH400...
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