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Originally Posted by Tran View Post
O M G! Gotta get us a rolling clip one of these days...

Sweet shirt where can I get one
Rolling clip?...NO PROBLEM!!! On my to do list.


Funny you should ask! We'll have another round of shirts going VERY soon. We are just waiting on some embroidery work to be done on some POLO shirts and some HATS so we can offer some NEW apparel for all to wear!
Originally Posted by Brady_SS View Post
Sounds good, how was the cabin drone on your trip?
There really wasn't any. I mean...the car is already so darn quiet. If you stepped on it, you could hear the loud and low groan. But, as far as a constant airplane engine (while in the cabin) type sound....non - existent. I drove it to Carlisle and wasn't too sure. On the 1,700 mile trip back, I was FINE with the interior sound.
Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
Tag, you might have to issue yourself a citation for an excessive noise violation
Honestly?...I think I might get one!

I can't take off fast or it sounds like I"m freakin' racing the thing!!
Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post

Doug - AWESOME!!! Is the car still untuned; I forget. Anyways - I'm waiting for an acceleration video

God - that sounds badass.
Car is and will continue to be untuned. I've got that warranty issue that I'm concerned about. 5 years and 100,000 miles is something I just would hate to throw away. Acceleration video shall be ON THE WAY!
Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
I love it.
But my neighbors won't. I'll have to go with something a little more tame.

Do the stainless works headers bolt up to the stock catback, or do you have to have their catback?
I am VERY careful when I pull into the neighborhood. I literally let it coast into the driveway and into the garage. So far, no complaints. I'm trying.

I don't know if the Stainless headers bolt right up. Good question to send Bill@stainlessworks on this site. Send him a pm.
Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
He has their complete exhaust
Aye! Thank ya sir!
Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
But do the headers and high flow cats bolt up to the stock exhaust? I'd be interested in the headers, but not the entire system. The entire system is a little too loud.

Originally Posted by PieNsky View Post
I think my 3.6 would piss itself it heard that. Can't wait to see what they can come up with on my V6.
Had to edit, just watched one of the other vids you have up titled "Stainless Works Exhaust 1" it is bad to the bone!
Yeah...wait till you hear it at the track! I've GOT to get that CAI so I can take it out to the track for some GOOD videos!
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