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Ok guys. Its time to start going with the Calandar and Banners

First off. Wil Did a 6x2.5 Banner 10oz Polypro material through Vista Print for only $33

I went over and looked at it yesterday and looks great, Some Minor shipping damage, vista print is sending a new one.

But regardless the print is awesome and its perfect for a garage wall.

The largest print you can do is 8x2.5.

Also staples does banners, a bit more expensive but you can do same day pickup and you have an option for a 15oz vinyl, (outdoor). Its thicker and have options for gromets. I did that one. An 8x2.5 in 15oz vinyl same day pickup for $137 with tax (im lazy and dont want to wait for shipping, and like the idea of more heavy duty and bigger with gromets)

I just spoke with Jeff and the sizes he gave us are perfect for this size banner, no need to resize.

Secondly, the Calandars. While we are on the Kick of Vista Print, i can do a caladar right from them as well. I havent priced it out completely but it looks like it will be well below $25 a person.

But with that said. Please Pick a photo that you want to represent your month and let me know. Once everyone picks a photo ill get started on the calandar!

Finalized Calandar

January-Group Photo
July- One-Bad-ZL1
September-NH 2012 SS/RS
November- WMora4
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