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I don't know of any significant changes with the 2014 top, but that's not to say there aren't any. I wouldn't be scared of by the top issues you have heard of. Most people have little or no issues with the top. I did have a fairly common leak on mine, but it was just a misinstalled drain hose. It was quickly and easily fixed. I also had a leak in the trunk due to missing body sealer, but that had nothing to do with the top itself. Again, it was addressed quickly under warranty and that problem is very rare. I have not had my top or water bag replaced and I currently have no wear marks, rub issues, or leaks.

I have a 2012 RS which I drive in winter, but I bought a dedicated set of steel winter wheels and snow tires. Even with different tires the RS rims are very wide in the back and not well suited for snow. My point being you shouldn't feel limited by what tires and wheels come on the car. You can switch them out easy enough. You can pick up a set of 18 inch base Camaro steel wheels for cheap, and tires are much cheaper for that size as well.
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