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Help me decide on a Camaro

Hey Folks,

Happy to be here.

I'm 37 years old and it has been 20 years (depressing) since my last "muscle" car. I had a nice, rebuilt Mustang in high school and loved it. After highschool I did the family thing and essentially drove beaters ever since. I was happy driving beaters, too, but now we are financially comfortable and I'm going to get my dream muscle car again. Originally it was going to Mustang but I'm not crazy about the look of the newer Mustangs and I'm too impatient to wait and see what the 50th anniversary one looks like. Regardless, I love the look of the new Camaros.

I've been approved for up to 42k through my credit union and could put some cash down too. I stopped by the dealer today and told them this is what I'm looking for:

Convertible 1SS (8 cyl)
Black exterior - no stripes
Manual transmission
Dual perf exhaust
RS package (do not 100% need)

On their site it puts it at just under $40k with cloth seats. I'm not big on leather so could care less.

What I'm looking for opinions on, guys, is if I can convince myself to go to a 6 cylinder. Initially I say hell no. This is my dream car / muscle car and I want what I want. I'm keeping a little tin can Aveo to commute in and as a spare, so gas mileage isn't a huge issue. However, I'm not going to speed in the thing. I know you are all laughing but believe me, I train truck drivers for a living and cannot afford to have a ticket, so I won't be speeding. With that being said, do I really need the 8 cylinder? I know I'll get more power and start off quicker, but what else is the 8 cylinder good for?

Anyway, I stopped by the dealership today and told them what I was looking for. They had one close to what I wanted but it was $43k. Leather seats, heated seats, and a few other things. No interest. They are doing a locate to see if they can find me a match. The guy said most of the 1SS cars are leather because if someone is paying upwards of $40k they want leather. I told him I don't. I'm pretty particular about features.

What do you guys think I have for wiggle room in negotiation on price? I've done pretty good my last few cars. And this time around I have financing so I can walk out the door pretty easily.


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