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Originally Posted by 1leNPP View Post
Master Will

Here go you, go post in this forum
tell them all how great your LS7 is and how it not drop and Ex. valve lest see what happens.
Originally Posted by 1leNPP View Post
Sorry for being a Dick but If you really want to know the Good the Bad and the Ugly of the LS7 use the link read the Forum do the search on ( I drop and EX. valve threads) there threads on checking valves guilds clearness just a ton of stuff that you can help you make up your own mine if the LS7 is a good or bad . I think it can be a good motor if you take the time to pull the heads and make them right .
There is no reason to be cynical or condescending.

Have LS7 engines been known to drop an exhaust valve, yes. Have all LS7's dropped an exhaust valve, NO!

Are there people on that have attested to a valve drop, yes. Now compare that to all of the LS7 engines out there. All LS7s have not dropped an exhaust valve.

You made a very general, blanket statemnt and two of us called you on it. Have a good day.
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