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...I get 27 mpg at a steady 65 in my LS3. Did that on my trip down to and back from NJ. 500 miles all together. Not saying the 1LS is a bad car but the SS models can get some miles per gallon if you don;t treat the gas pedal like an on/off switch.

Personally I wouldn't get a 4,000 lb Camaro that has a naturally aspirated V6. 300 bhp is nothing to sneeze at, it's what many V8 muscle cars were really doing back in the day-when they rated hp it was usually gross, not net or brake, and the V6 manages it, which is pretty damn impressive.

Dave, today is not forever. Get the car your heart says you want, the V8. We'll all be worm food too soon so live a little

OH, PS, hi from an ex-Boston resident and Boston native, I moved down rte. 138 to Canton a few years back
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