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Originally Posted by 429 View Post
Too tight in the rear makes the car extremely prone to snap oversteer (especially if the front is soft). Full hard (1000%+ harder then stock) is most useful on R-comps, you won't ever see the traction levels with street tires to take advantage of it.
I had an '11 LS3 SS with the BMR adjustable sways. I started out with the middle setting. There was a little understeer, but it was easy to use a little power to overcome this. Had a track day with it like that and the Camaro represented well.

Later I went to the max setting and the car was dead neutral. But it was a little too easy to go into oversteer, so you had to be very careful. Maybe not snap, but it did make the adrenaline flow a few times. Later I was told that when you use the rear bar to overcome staggered tires, this is the effect you will see.

So I would start with the middle setting and get used to that first. It is easy to bump it up later if you want to try it.
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