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Back in a V8 ;)
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Quit recommending him a used 2SS if he clearly wants cloth and NEW.

I bought a V6, and wanted an RS. I wanted an SS too, but I thought eh...I'll just settle for the RS since it's my DD. It was everything I wanted EXCEPT a V8. No one really knew it wasn't a V8 but me. I didn't much care for the speed either, but the sound, ohh the's so much better in a V8.

I am now back in a truck (always been a truck guy) and when I was asked if I wanted the popular EcoBoost V6, I said absolutely not, give me a V8. I love hearing the sound in a truck, I can't imagine how much more fun a 6.2L would be in one of these.

Good luck in your choice. Don't compromise, you'll be so happy you waited!
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