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Originally Posted by DaveA View Post
Thanks, guys. What are you thoughts on dual performance exhaust? Does it give it some extra rumble?

Chris: Believe it or not, I'm in Canton too! I put Boston just because we are so close to it.
Regarding the exhaust, it really depends on whether you want to keep it stock, or if you want to get something aftermarket.

If you want to keep everything stock, I would get the dual mode.

But if you're open to the idea of an aftermarket exhaust, you can probably get a "better" sound for less money. I say better because exhaust sound is very subjective.

The mufflers on the stock SS weigh something like 30-40lbs and they're enormous. They sound pretty wussy when compared to aftermarket, or the new dual mode. I haven't heard the dual mode in person, but on YouTube it sounds pretty decent. Just my opinion.
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