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Nearby dealer located one that is pretty close. It's basically: Convertible 1SS, Black exterior, cloth interior, RS package. Only thing missing is dual performance exhaust but if I can add that on later, perhaps I will. He said it was $40k and change; offered to me for $39,2. Math doesn't add up. I told him when I build it online, I can get exactly what I want (incl. dual perf exhaust) for an asking price of just under $40k. I asked him what extra it had that I didn't want. He didn't have a full list but said it had heated seats (don't care for it and don't want to pay for it).

I'm going to stop by in the morning and speak to him and see what we can do. I like to haggle and I'm in no rush. How much, realistically, can I expect to get off, though? I love throwing out the 'let me think about it' and then have them come back asking what it would take for me to buy the car today. Should be fun.

Dual perf. exhaust isn't a deal breaker, I suppose. I would just like it but can add it later. But I'm adamant about not paying extra for crap I don't need/want.

I did expand my search and found a few others nearby but black isn't as popular as I thought.
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