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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
I had an '11 LS3 SS with the BMR adjustable sways. I started out with the middle setting. There was a little understeer, but it was easy to use a little power to overcome this. Had a track day with it like that and the Camaro represented well.

Later I went to the max setting and the car was dead neutral. But it was a little too easy to go into oversteer, so you had to be very careful. Maybe not snap, but it did make the adrenaline flow a few times. Later I was told that when you use the rear bar to overcome staggered tires, this is the effect you will see.

So I would start with the middle setting and get used to that first. It is easy to bump it up later if you want to try it.
BMR's regular bar isn't super stiff on full hard, its only around 300% stiffer then stock. I'm talking in the 750%+ range like a lot of race bars are, and some drag bars as well.
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