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Originally Posted by RestoRoc89 View Post
Hello All,

Although I don't post here often, I am a frequent lurker and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about how others enjoy driving and tweaking their Camaros. For years, I've been a Camaro nut and had amassed a beautiful trio of Camaros (third, fourth and fifth generations)...until two weeks ago. Perhaps some of you can grieve with me for a moment.

Here is my 2010 IOM 2SS/RS in its former glory:

...and, sadly, here it is after a head-on collision with an SUV:

Amazingly, I walked away from the incident with no more than a bruised leg and a bloody nose. I am now convinced that this car is an awesome performer in ALL situations. Fortunately, I have full replacement insurance coverage on the car and it will be replaced. However, in terms of my memories and experiences with this car, it is irreplaceable. For all those who still have a shiny Camaro in the driveway, give it a hug for me!
Glad your ok! RIP 2010! hello 2014
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