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Originally Posted by Srm1135 View Post
I own a 2013 V6 and haven't seen any slips or post about V6ers running in the 13's. That's a depressing thought. The 2007 Mustang GT I traded in for it had far less horsepower and I broke 13.9 with it stock. All I want is a Camaro that can do 13.9 or mid 13's. Besides a supercharger or juice, money really isn't a problem.
Yeh..13.92 with a full trunk load and 87 octane. Seems to be a little faster now with 28k miles on it. Pretty sure I can do 13.8 with the looser engine and empty trunk. Mine is a stick. My only mods are Cold Air Intake, Mag Xpipe, axleback and Ported TB. Can ony imagine if I had headers a tune and port Intake manifold.
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