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Repeatable Predictable Performance says it all.

If you want to drive the best-of-the-best 5th Gen Camaro, then you'll want Pedders. For the second year in a row, the Pedders Lingenfelter Camaro had the fastest combined Road Course (2nd to a bad axx 3,100 pound Vette) and Autocross (1st) times at the event.

The data connection from the vehicle to the data logger was intermittent. The G forces are integral to the data logger and are spot on. It doesn't matter. That white 5th Gen has full areo, is gutted to bare metal, no interior, no AC, Light Weight Windows, Monster Motor and is well driven. The L/28 hits the track at 4,180 sans driver and is still the fastest 5th Gen, Mustang or Challenger on the circuit. Our tires are cooked an have lost grip, but we want to stretch them out through the FEST. It doesn't matter. The timer matters. You are either fast or you aren't. A Pedders prepared Camaro has never lost to ANY brand X suspension, though brand X is cheaper...
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