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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
You shouldn't have to disassemble anything for the alignment. Hopefully you have some Pedders rear camber bolts though. They make a big difference in alignment for a lowered car. I was skeptical that they would really help at first but now that I have them and have had my car aligned I'm a believer.

You should still "time" your bushings. If you've done some the trailing arms along with your LCA then you've already done some of this but you will probably need to go in and do the front.

BTW: I use a guy up in Denton that does a pretty good job and he's cheap as well. Normally only $70 for an alignment. Last time I had him install my camber bolts as well and he only charged me another $20 ($90 out the door) and him almost got it perfect to the Pedders Aggressive Street specs. PM me if you want his info.
I do have the camber bolts. This sound is metal to metal like. I may time the lca bushing and lower strut bushing tomorrow. That's about all I can get to before an alignment.
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