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It has been recently brought to our attention by a thoughtful member (FireCracker) that the local Indianapolis community has recently endured a fatal bus accident killing three people and injuring many others. The bus was returning from a church youth camp when the accident occurred. The story has made the national news and motivated us to reconsider how best our charity money can help.

We love St. Judes but we feel that the timing of this tragedy and the proximity to the C5F IV would be a real opportunity to give back to a community that has been home to our event two years in a row.

In the accident, 3 adults were killed. Two were a married couple expecting their second and leaving behind a 2 year old child. The third was a mother of 5.

As such we ask for your understanding as we make the last minute decision to give the money generated by our silent auction back to the local community in an effort to provide at least some comfort to the families that are dealing with this loss.

Very respectfully,

The Camaro5 Fest Staff / Camaro5 Moderators.

See Local News Story Here:
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