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Thank you for all the suggestions and advice! I will look through the modification guide and the car journals when I get a chance, but thanks for the tips. And yeah I heard about the modding bug. I'm going to try and take this one thing at a time and try not to go overboard. But I could see myself getting carried away.

I can see it now:
Let's get this meeting started. First, we would like to welcome a new member, Joe from Pennsylvania.

Hello, my name is Joe, I'm 24 years old, and I have a problem with modding.

Hello Joe!

Thank you for having me. Well, where should I start. My first mod was....

Anyway, I'm thinking of starting with a cold air intake, and probably the catch can as well. Where would I go to get the upper induction cleaning done? Also, what are some good websites to look through for 5th gen Camaro mods?

And thanks again, I appreciate it!
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