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classicrocker. thanks. i am looking at both coupe and verts now. maybe after a couple years, the 13 and 14 are better. my finances allow for a 2LT coupe, or a 1LT vert, both 2014. if i could get a deal on a 13 2LT vert, i would consider with rebates now. verts seem fun. i have had a camaro with t tops, and now have firebird with t tops. love the air, but t tops, while a hassle, dont leak or tear or have bag and bows. the blind spots are something too. i am 55. this will be a daily driver, except for snow and ice. and i keep my cars a long time. i not impressed with cheap easily scratched doors, and i dont want summer only tires, RS package. just 19. but verts seem like fun, and my gf has owned a vert all her life too. has a sebring now. thanks
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