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Originally Posted by SKiZZ View Post
A lot of leases can be like this. They'll tell you up front what the car will cost after your lease is over if you want to buy it. A lot of times its not worth it because you don't pay much into the principal of the car. That may have changed over the years though.
The finance company sets the residual value at what they expect the blue book value to be at the end of the lease. So whether buying the car at the end of the lease is a good deal depends on how well they guessed.

Iím guessing that they will lowball the residual (like they are on the G8) to be safe and that will make keeping the car a good deal, but only because it will allow you to recoup some of what you overpaid while you were leasing it. If they guess high, then you will probably want to turn it back in unless you really love that particular Camaro since you will be able to buy someone elseís used one for less.
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