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Originally Posted by Blackjacket86 View Post
I'm wanting to lower my RS an inch to clean up the lines and lower my center of gravity, but I'm curious about changing out the stock sway bars. I'm by no means an aggressive driver and tend to drive for fuel economy (hence the V6). I do plan on some horsepower gains in the future only because it's impossible for me to keep things stock. At what horsepower level would changing out your sway bars be recommended and what benefits have you all seen from changing them?
Sway bars are by far one of the best suspension upgrades you can do for your car, especially on the V6. Even at stock power levels they will give you a dramatic improvement in handling and inspire more confidence in the turns.

I suggest checking out the Pfadt Sport sway stage II kit. Part # 1450011 This kit includes Front and rear sway bars as well as Lowering springs. By buying them together as a kit, you save a lot of cash.

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