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For upper induction cleaning usually the dealership can take care of this. How many miles on the car? I don't think I would worry if you have less than 10-15K on it. It might not hurt to have it done. I didn't put my CC on until around the 10k mark and I don't plan on have a cleaning done.

There are some businesses that sponsor on these forums and I have bought from a few of them on here along with I think it was called New Level Motorsports was one. I bought my exhaust from the MRT website ************.com. They have a lot of stuff. Lots of places out there just hit a Google search for what you need.

Yeah, the mod bug, damn thing hurts when you get bit by it. I stopped cold turkey after the few I added since I didn't want to go too far with adding things because I am not sure how far down the road I will be keeping it.

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