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Originally Posted by GuitarJozz View Post
Well I guess I don't have to worry much, because I only have around 2,000 on it. I only drive it on my days off from work. I'm probably going to order the RX catch can soon, and then look at the different intakes and see which one I like best.

I'm also thinking bout changing the front bumper, or maybe adding some kind of ground fx. Possibly a new rear spoiler and different wheels down the road as well...

By the way, what are those stripes called that you have skibik? I like that style.

Oh god, I think I'm coming down with something.... Not good...
I believe they are called "BumbleBee" style racing stripes I think. I didn't like the ones that ended at the hood so I searched around on the net and found them. I made sure and found some made with 3M paper. I think I got them from but now I can't seem to get onto their website. Do a search they are out there for about $150 or so and it cost me about $200 to have them installed. My set come with 2 options for the rear spoiler, either you could have them short and stop on the top side of the spoiler or wrap over so they could be seen from the back, I did the latter. I could not believe the difference in how it looked from before I dropped it off until after I picked it up. My mouth dropped.

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